NYPD RED Chapters 30-39 by Tori


Well well well its time for Tori to blog lol here we go………..Soo who is this mysterious voice? Is he bluffing? is the chameleon (Gabe) caught? Has karma finally caught up with him?????

Sadly no, we find out it’s his old buddy Mickey from way back in the day. So the chameleon thinks Mickey is going to blackmail him. Huh? Wrong!

Actually he wants to join him… whoa didn’t see that coming!!!!

But I have to say I love his tactics to get Gabe to agree to let him join the team. Gabe really just thinks he is bad ass and thinks he is just gonna walk into this man’s home and kill him so he isn’t “blackmailed?” Seriously??? My main man Mickey showed him….. I love his bluff about blowing up gabe and he fell for it too. I have to admit I fell for it as well, my heart was racing a mile a min when I was reading this part lol.

Mickey is also smart by charging him $30,000 to get all the explosives (C4)! But he’s only keeping $5000 for himself (I would have kept an extra $5000 lol but that’s just me). Soooo Gabe assures mickey he can deliver the $30,000 that day!!

Sooo how’s he gonna get the money u ask?

Well now here is my fav part.  Gabe and Lexi are gonna go rob a guy named Jimmy Fitzhugh (poor lil tink tink) cuz apparently there was a load of drug money in the trailer of Jimmy’s. Sooo before they rob him, Gabe  told lexi (ugh shes annoying to me) that she would do all the talking so Jimmy would not recognize his voice. So when they first got in there she was too scared and did not say nothing????

Now all this time she been hyping him up about how she wants a part to do and she waits all the way till now to get “stage fright??”

When she finally does talk she’s getting the man to go along and get the money; unfortunately,she screams, “hurry up Gabe!!” (I kno he was lookin at her like didn’t I tell you this guy knows me and you gon say my name???)

I kno he wanted to slap her ass……I wanted to slap her!!

Soooo they end up shooting Jimmy and leaving the scene without getting caught and of course Lexi was crying all the way home. So naturally like a guy he gave in stopped being mad at her and they made love lol

awesome ending to my chapters lol soooo what’s gonna happen next????????? Stay tuned folks Alecia has got it from here!! Hope you guys enjoyed my post!!



NYPD RED is about a special unit of the NYPD police department who are assigned to protect the richest and most famous of those individuals within the city of NYPD.

The story is primarily about Detective Zach Jordan, who’s partner (Omar Shanks) recently tore his ACL at the NYPDs softball game vs. the fire department. For four months Omar will be “off the grid.” 

Zach’s new partner, Kylie Mcdonalds (who had a past relationship with Zach) was recently recruited on their task force as his new partner. 

I was disappointed that James Patterson did not really go into to much depth about their past relationship. I would had really loved to learn more. Or would we have to wait to read about it in NYPD RED 2 (which is still not available at my public library to check out!).

But with Kylies husband in existence, Zach knows Kylie is off limits.

Moreover, the story is also about “The Chameleon”. The VILLAIN of this story. He isn’t pulling any high school pranks, he is actually “acting out scenes he wrote” in real life. 

What is this guys problem? And what is his vendetta? Are it the individuals themselves he has a grudge about or is it them as a whole?

Unfortunately, the chameleon is too clever and sneaky to get caught. He was actually disappointed he wasn’t question by Detective Jordan and McDonalds at the scene of the crime during the “accidental shootings” for Ian Stewart. 

The Chameleon caused two more murders. One before the shooting, where Sid Roth was “poisoned” while having breakfast, and the other an explosion to blow up Brad Schuck.

Later, with his girlfriend Lexi, who loved the Chameleons deceptive plans, enjoyed watching their “scenes” on the news. While enjoying themselves together, Gabe,The Chameleon, received a phone call.

The caller seemed to know exactly who was causing these explosions and murders. He immediately accused Gabe. Of course Gabe denied the accusations, but the caller knew better.

Who is this caller, and how is he so sure its Gabe causing these events that are all over the news?

NYPD RED Chapters 1-19 By Anna S


Who is the chameleon? What type of personality would be the chameleon?  Also were you as confused as me? I seriously thought it was a movie at first then got the point that is was not a movie taking place in the book but an actual scene of horrific events…

How do you feel about the acts he is committing? Like what would drive a man to do this do you suppose?

Also who do you think Zach will end up with at the end? Cheryl? Kylie? Alone?


We have a winner!

We have a winner!

Anna is our first winner! Everyone help me congratulate her on winning the first contest. Not only does she get to relax the rest of the month but she doesn’t have to bring any food to the next meeting! Whoo whoo Anna! You go girl! Ladies you better start reading because I know you do not want to be the last one to finish. Anna said she enjoyed the book. So let’s keep on reading ladies!




June’s Food Theme

Our food list for the pre-fourth of July theme will be:

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