NYPD RED Chapters 60-69 by Marissa


Lexi..Lexi…Lexi….I couldn’t believe what I was reading when she actually shot Trager and Muhlenberg. Then I knew she was going to get killed herself because come on lets be honest that was not a smart idea. Why do you think Lexi took it among herself to shoot Trager and Muhlenberg?? Do you think it was simply because she was blinded by love or do you think that Lexi knew inside one way or another she wouldn’t make it out alive in the end??

Moving on to the other chapters:
What affect do you feel that Lexi’s death played on Gabriel and his next killings? His next killing was at the precent when he went in and killed Mr. Peltz. Quite a bold move if you ask me. How did these chapters in the book make you feel?

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