Who was the most memorable person you feel Eddie has meet and why?


Please explain who stood out to you the most. Who made you think about your own life? Who do you think made a huge impact on Eddie? And why?

I would say Tala was the most memorable for me. She actually told Eddie he had meaning in his life and why. Yes the first four explained a lot to Eddie but Tala told his that he was on earth to keep kids safe at the pier. It may not had been his dream job or what he wanted to see him self at after the war or before the war but he made a difference in children’s lives at the pier. If it wasn’t for him the little girl at the pier would had died. Yes the blue man died because of Eddie, but because of Eddie, someone lived to see another day.

When I read Tala say, “Not her hands, my hands. I bring you to heaven. Keep you safe.”

I honestly could not help but to cry. Mitch Albom touched me. I felt touched. The whole time I was reading the book I wanted to know myself if Eddie saved that little girl. And to hear Tala say those were her hands and that she brought him to heaven really made me happy. It was touching and beautiful. Eddie got to live on in heaven. Knowing the meaning of his life. His self worth. It made me feel really grateful to be alive.

It really did touch my soul. 

Now its your turn.

Who did you feel was the most memorable person Eddie meet in heaven? And why?



14 thoughts on “Who was the most memorable person you feel Eddie has meet and why?

  1. Jojo I like you, think Tala stood out the most for the same reason. I think Eddie was finally able to feel as if he had done something meaningful. I too lost it when Tala told him the hands he felt were hers. I can honestly say I cried for a few hours lol.

  2. Marissa says:

    Tala definitely was the one who surprised me the most. When I read the chapter about the captain I really didn’t give it another thought that there was actually someone in the fire.Even when he thought there was someone I just thought he was trippin too honestly. To know that she really did burn alive in the fire was heartbreaking. But like the both of you when she said those were her hands he felt it really touched me. I agree that this book definitely made me feel more appreciative of life. There have been many times in life I have felt regretful towards things because I felt like I should be doing something different. After reading this book, I began to reevaluate a lot of things, because I never know the same thing I might feel so negative about could have a contribution to my purpose in life. This was definitely a great book and can’t wait to discuss it tonight!

      • No we didn’t cry, I can’t cry while other people are around me during a movie. My mom tells me I have no heart but if I was alone watching it and could hear everything lol I would had cried.

  3. I think Tala, but I truly think he should have met his father, I wanted to comment that last night. I do not think we know or understand why his dad was SO hard on him. I am sure it is because he had a hard life but I think Eddie should have been able to make peace with that since the 5 people is about making peace with life and stuff I don’t think Ruby was so much a needed of the 5 people. I don’t know just my opinion.

    • Honestly, I believe Ruby’s part was interesting to know that she was there because her husband created the pier and her husband shared the hospital room with Eddie’s father, but when I wanted to blog about her, I couldn’t couldn’t get any inspiration to blog about her. She wasn’t as connected to Eddie as the others. Yes she taught him to let go of anger but she didn’t inspire me to write. lol

      But why do you think Mitch Albom chose not to use Eddie’s father as one of the people he meets in heaven?

      • Lol you actually may be right.

        But if Eddies father was the third person he met.. What lesson would his father have for Eddie? Do you believe it would be letting go oh anger or forgiveness or something else?

      • Possibly but I do not think the author has made peace with it in his personal life to write of it. Or maybe he doesn’t have that problem and can’t write with out experience. It’s hard to write about what you do not know of…but when he talks about parents damage their kids I think that was pretty harsh as a parent I think I know we make mistakes as humans and we are always trying to teach out kids not to make the same but it’s inevitable that as humans we make mistakes it’s not so much damage but experience

      • Hm sometimes parents can be damaging. It just depends. Whether they intentionally do it or not. But the damage doesn’t have to be permanent.

        But we are all humans. Mistakes like you said are inevitable. But that’s what growth is all about. To make a mistake but learn from it and make better decisions.

        But I think Eddie’s father did damage him but at the same time it made Eddie who he was from the beginning to the end. His father was super tough on him. He would be drunk most of the time. Never really showed Eddie approval. He stopped talking to him after Eddie stood up for himself. And he would beat Eddie and joe. So all in all Eddie’s father has damaged him in a way. But it would have been nice to see him as one of the people Eddie meets. That would had made me cry if I read that. Because I forgiveness is a powerful feeling especially when it comes to forgiving our parents or vise Versa.

      • I believe we are who we choose to be being damaged doesn’t define us OPRAH was very damaged growing up but that didn’t define her she defined herself. We have choices and I wasn’t happy with Eddie forgiving the father the way he did in heaven. Eddie could have been a different person if he chose to what another person does to hurt us doesn’t define us WE can allow it to but ultimately we have that final choice it’s our life…

      • You make an excellent point. And Oprah is a very a inspirational and a very unique individual. We do have the ultimate final choice but certain stuff can still be damaging to us. Like I said it may not be permanent. As in oprahs case she was able to do great things in her life. She didn’t use it as a crutch. And that’s what i mean. Even though parents may or may not damage their kids it doesn’t mean it will keep us from moving forward.

        Maybe Mitch wrote that because of mainly Eddie’s and his fathers situation.

        Ruby did say he couldn’t see his father because he was safe. Maybe their is a valid reason why Eddie didn’t meet his father.

        But like you said it would of been nice and better for Eddie to forgive his father in heaven with his father.

  4. Alecia says:

    I agree with Anna…I he would have meet his father. I know he forgave him but its easier to move post something if you understand the reasoning behind it. Tala and Margeruite both stood out to me. It almost made me cry that he wanted to see his wife the way she looked in her last days because she looked so beautiful to him. That’s the kind of love everyone hopes to find. As for Tala, she helped him see his purpose and she gave him forgiveness

    • I was touched too when he asked to look like she did before she died. ThAts how you know it was true love. Like His wife said (I forgot how to spell her name) that love is love. It takes different forms.

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