The Fifth Person Eddie Meets in Heaven



Why was Tala the last person Eddie met and what message did she have for him?

Tala was the little five year girl Eddie heard in the burning barn while he was in war. Although he never knew it throughout his life, he actually did kill her in the fire. Eddie admitted that he received nightmares but he never understood them until he met Tala.

And finally, she taught him that Eddie did have a purpose in his life and that was keeping children safe at Ruby Pier.

Eddie persisted to ask one last time, if he saved the little girl before his death. He stated again all he could remember was the little girls hands but he wasn’t sure what happened next.


“Tala?” he whispered. “The little girl at the pier? Do you know about her?”

She nodded.

“Did I save her? Did I pull her out of the way?”

Tala shook her head. “No pull.”

Eddie Shivered. His head dropped. So there it was. The end of the story.

“Push,” Tala said.

He looked up. “Push?”

“Push her legs. No pull. You push. Big thing fall. You keep her safe.”

Eddie shut his eyes in denial. “But I felt her hands,” he said. “Its the only thing I remember. I couldn’t have pushed her. I felt her hands.”

Tala smiled and scooped up river water, then placed her small wet fingers in Eddie’s adult grip. He knew right away they had been there before.

“Not her hand,” she said. “My hands. I bring you to heaven. Keep you safe.”

(page 192)



2 thoughts on “The Fifth Person Eddie Meets in Heaven

  1. I have to admit when I read the last couple of chapters of this book. I started to see things different, my choices..what I thought were fails. And I looked at situations where I hadono control, and now question if these are my lessons. Tala’s chapter made me cry the most.. Eddies life finally made sense, he finally felt he accomplished something.. he saved the little girl at Ruby Pier. Sigh. Such a great book.

  2. Marissa says:

    I agree with Ari this chapter definitely helped me in reevaluating things in my life. I believe Tala was the fifth person because she did like you said showed Eddie the purpose of his life.

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