Updated Food Theme List for Upcoming Meeting


Hello Ladies!

I wanted to give you an update of who is bringing what to the meeting this upcoming saturday! We have the following people bringing:

  • Ari-Mexican 7 layer dip and the plates and forks
  • Joanna- chicken chimichangas
  • Marissa-chips and salsa as well as shredded lettuce and sour cream (daisy :))
  • Ashley-Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Alecia- margarita mix in a bottle
  • Anna (cousin)-Quesadillas (cheese only)
  • Flave-small dessert
  • Ana-Sangria
  • Camisha-Ice

Thank you ladies! Let me know if you have any questions! Shoot me an email or comment below! 

I cannot wait! I do have the movie with me. Again, the meeting will be at 7 pm. Please be on time. Dress nice too! I do want our media coordinator aka marissa to take photos so we can post them on our facebook, instagram, etc. 


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