Donation Goal

Please check your emails for our Donation Event details. Our goal will be $5 per person. The days are from Monday through Friday. Since monday is today and tuesday will be to late. I will start from Wednesday through Friday. Hopefully we can all make the Friday one. 

Wednesday May 14 -Dimes

Thurdays May 15th- Quarters

Friday May 16th-Dollars or any change

Again, people on my side, you can hand it to me or my mother. Everyone on Ari’s side, you can hand it to her.

I realize this is time sensitive but if we can all pitch in it will make a big difference and help out a little girl who needs a liver transplant.

In the future if you have any donation or charity event ideas you can forward them to me or Ashley.

If you guys want to donate please make sure its the day before.

Thank you!

You guys are awesome

Lets help the cause!


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