“The way I see …

“The way I see it, that’s what we’re getting here, soldier. That’s what heaven is. You get to make sense of your yesterdays.”

The Second person Eddie meets in Heaven is his former Captain. The captain played a major part in Eddie’s life. He had to make a quick decision in a certain situation that changed Eddie’s life forever. What major decision did he have to make and how did it affect Eddie? 

The lesson Eddie had to learn from his Captain was that “Sacrifice is a part of life”. If it wasn’t for his Captain, Eddie’s life would had ended a lot sooner than it did. Unfortunately, the captain’s life had to end for Eddie and the two other soldiers to survive. 

Of course, I believe we can all agree that we had made sacrifices for someone else but as well had someone make sacrifices for us. I know from the top of my head both my parents have made huge sacrifices for me. 

But do you believe even strangers can make sacrifices that can affect your life? People that you may or may have not met? 


Before departing Eddie, the captain mentioned that  he doesn’t smoke anymore, that it was all in Eddie’s eyes. Why do you think Eddie saw the captain smoking throughout their conversation when he really wasn’t? What is the symbolism behind that? 



3 thoughts on ““The way I see …

  1. Marissa says:

    There are a lot of sacrifices that I personally made for people and vice versa. Just like you my parents made huge sacrifices for me, some that I know about and a lot I might not ever know about. There have been a lot of strangers who have made sacrifices for us in the past that contributed to a lot of the freedoms we have everyday. Some of those strangers we learned about in school and lots who did care-less acts that won’t get the recognition they deserve.

    I agree with you that Eddie had to learn that sacrifice is a part of life. He never knew until then the real way the captain died and although his leg was never the same after that event he still lived. A lot of times we complain about our faults, shortcomings, missed opportunities, etc and we focus so much of our time on those negative things that we don’t appreciate the good and that things could be worse.

    My opinion about why Eddie didn’t realize that the captain wasn’t smoking until the end is that he saw him in a new light after his encounter with him.

    • That was AWESOME! 🙂

      I totally agree with you!! Of course strangers can make sacrifices that will affect our lives today. What did Ruby say, “Things that happen before you are born still affect you…And people who come before your time affect you as well. We move through places everyday that would never have been if not for those who came before us. Our work places, where we spend so much time. We often think they began with our arrival. That’s not true.”

  2. Ultimate sacrifices are from parents and personally I have yet to meet a complete stranger to have sacrificed for someone else other then those heroic stories of people saving people from near death or death itself.
    As for the cigarette smoking I quite frankly think it is just what he remembered him as. If I were to see my grandfather I would expect to see him with his bad arm but I doubt that’s how he looks on the other side.

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