“Do you underst…

“Do you understand? Why we’re here? This is not your heaven. It’s mine.”

Why was it was so important for Eddie to meet “The Blue Man” in heaven?

Mitch Albom made a point by expressing one story viewed from different angles.  It happened the same day, at the same time, but one set of events leaves with a positive ending, while the other leaves in a tragic death.

That’s when I thought, maybe Eddie’s death saved the life of the little girl. But we will not know unless we keep reading.

After reading this portion, I literally had to pause. As individuals we unconsciously look at certain situations of the world in one view. We may not do it on purpose because we are all independent individuals.  What I look at or feel will be different from what you see or feel. My life experiences are going to be different from your life experiences.

After, hearing how “The Blue Man” died, I really went into deep thought. I wondered if there were times when I was fortunate to experience something is a positive manner, caused someone to have a negative experience. When you think about it, of course there were moments like those. I recently applied for a job a year ago. I doubt I was the only candidate. My new position, caused someone not to get a job. Hopefully by now they are not unemployed. But I will never know. Even though I had never met that person, my life experience affected someone else’s life experience. Its amazing that this book has really had me thinking of all the choices I have made, and how they have affected someone else whether I had something to do with it or not.

What life experiences can you think of that may have had someone experience a unfortunate event where you gained a positive one?

If you really think about it, there are so many!

The Blue Man made a good point, “…When your colleague falls ill and you do not. We think such things are random. But there is a balance to it all. One withers, another grows. Birth and death are part of a whole”…”This is why we are drawn to babies…And to funerals.”


3 thoughts on ““Do you underst…

  1. Marissa says:

    I also sat back and reflected after reading about the blue man dying. It did make me think about past experiences and how I could have had an affect on someone else’s life without my knowledge. Although I might not be able to change the impact I made in the past, I will be more aware of the actions I make in the future.

  2. Alecia says:

    I agree with you both. This book has me looking at my past actions and situations in a different way. During times where I struggled and dwelled on my bad luck, I should have been looking on the bright side that things will turn around. Someone has to lose but no one is always a winner or loser. This book definitely helps you see the positives and realize all your blessings. I’m looking forward to reading more novels like this!

    • I agree, I wasn’t expecting this book to be this good. lol But it is amazing! I really cannot wait to watch the movie! I hope the movie is just as great as the book!

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