Lets Try a new Ice Breaker

During our meeting we played a little ice breaker game. We stated our name, our two favorite book genres, the last book we read and what we thought about it. Lets try something new!

What is something each of you would like to accomplish from this book club?

I will go first. 

I love to read books. I like to read a lot of different types. I love to read poetry, love, suspense, mystery, fantasy, motivational, etc. What I like to accomplish is to exchange my thoughts and opinions about a book that someone else has read with me that has enjoyed it. 


3 thoughts on “Lets Try a new Ice Breaker

  1. Alecia says:

    I love to read as well but as I’ve gotten older my reading choices have become less diverse. What I would like to accomplish is to open up my mind to other genres. I believe anyone can find at least one book in every genre that they will like, they just need to be open to it. I’m very excited to start trying new books!

    • Thank you for being the first one to comment! And that is a good one too! We should all look forward to engaging and trying new books. We all different. We are all going to have different taste but that does not necessarily mean we won’t enjoy something that we do not normally read. So I too am looking forward to reading those sci-fi’s! Hope I enjoy it just as much as you and Ashley do.

      • Ashley says:

        I also am looking forward to hearing different points of view on different genres and reading different books. Reading is a place for your imagination to go wild and forces your mind to expand and experience so much without leaving your seat. Cant wait to read the other books on our list.

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